Kase Klozed
A 3 pc - all original rock  band - recorded 8 tracks LIVE at BHS to follow up their debut project - 'Psychobabble'.  There was only 1 overdubb on these sessions. BHS was responsible for tracking, mixing and mastering, as well as cover art and packaging.
Brass City Trio
A power trio - prog-rock-type band with many influences from Waterbury recorded 8 tracks for their "Three Headed Monster" CD - a follow up their debut release. BHS was responsible for tracking, mixing, mastering and cover art... 
A female fronted diverse rock / cover band recorded a 3 song demo. The band offers lush melodies, big guitars, tight rhythm section along with keys to cover popular tunes from Boston to Queen and more!  BHS was responsible for tracking, mixing and mastering  as well as some web publishing of sound bites for promotion purposes.
 Rick Rivets Band
Rick is an original member of the New York Dolls and discovered Johnny Thunders back in the early 70's. He went on to build the Brats and The Corpse Grinders . This is a 'Glam, Garage, Punkish Rock' band featuring 11 songs with many layers of guitars, vocals, keys and percussion.  The band is currently shopping the project (titled 'City Rockers' ) for a label.  BHS was responsible for tracking, mixing, mastering and web publishing of sound bites for label shopping and promotions. Also cover art and graphics.
No Image
A Hardcore Punk band currently in studio laying down original tracks for possible EP / LP release on Smorgasbord records. Check back with more details.
Shelton, CT
Waterbury, CT
Bridgeport, CT
Queens, NY
Milford, CT
Click for more info
Completed 10/04
Completed 08/05
In progress
Completed 04/04

Click for more info
New Haven, CT
All original Rock-Punk band working on LP.  Work in progress, stay tuned for release.
In progress
Sector 7G
A cover band recording promotional demo consisting of 6 tunes with multiple dubs.  BHS responsible for tracking, mixing, mastering and cover art
Ansonia, CT
Completed 03/05
Incas and Smorgasbord Records Digital re-mastering
Digital remastering of archived tapes from the CT Punk scene dating back to the 1980's. The most recent project was the digital re-mastering of 'CT Fun' from 1985,Inca's records. BHS responsibilites were  to transfer from original 1/4" reel (15IPS) tape to Pro Tools - remastered and made available on CD. Project is on-going to update the Inca's archive.
New Milford, CT
Click for more info
Click for more info
On Going...
I personally was quite happy with the day and the tracks   Looking forward to coming back ...   Thanks!
Jeff  - No Image

I had a better time recording at your studio then I did at Electric Lady Land or Record Plant!
Thanks again and keep Rockin, Rivets

Tom B was so beyond helpful in all of this and we are completely indebted to him and his wife Nancy for opening their home to complete (mind you punk) strangers with open arms. Not to mention that the studio itself is awesome!
Sue Snow - Incas Records

Incas Records  - "Up All Night" Release Party Rehearsal
In support of the Inca's release of "Up All Night", bands performed at New Havens  Cafe 9 on 5/22/05.  Bands traveling from as far as California needed space and time for rehearsal.  the site was Bonehead Studios where Gregg Won and the Light Street All Stars,  The Dummys and the Reactors all booked time during the busy weekend.  Live recordings were done of the rehearsals and only distributed to the bands.  
Anyone that knows me-knows i do not bullshit-and i have no reason to bull shit about this mans work-dedication-love-solidarity-warmth-heart-and most important -Soul. I urge anyone that is just stopping in for the first time-or ready for the grave motherfuckers,-go here!-record here-you'll be made to feel at home here.-by far one of a kind-and god willing-ill be back!!    god bless!!. 
Thank you my brother-Gregg Won-l.s.b.a.
The Reactors CD is unbelievable! The recording sounds terrific and I'm sure the band will be very happy with it also.  Thanks Tom!
Joe – Incas Records

Thank you so much as always, for your interest, passion, & hours of work on your part.
It sounds great! 
Johnny O'  – Bassist, singer, songwriter Brass City Trio

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Milford, CT
A very laid back studio to record at with professional results - Dave S.  Bassist - Sector 7G / 3rd Sister
Dude- the disc rocks!  Thanks.... Jay- guitarist
The Dummys '06
A classic CT Punk Band reunited to put a spin on one of their old standards.  'Bosco For You' was re-recorded for fun - reuniting the 25 year old band members (Steve, Jack and Zames) with help from Joe Snow on bass.  'The Dummettes' (Sue S. n Nancy B) added backing vocals.  
it's a Dummys song, it's not Beethovens 5th... Zames Guitar/Vocals

Connecticut Archives
Red Julius
Funk, Rock,Jazz band consisting of 5 high school mates with great talent and a great future.  The songs are smart with great hooks.  5 Tracks completed in one evening. No BS here - just good stuff.

Beacon Falls, CT
Hey this is Kyle (vocals) from Red Julius.  We'd all like to thank you again sincerely for last night.  The experience was amazing and we are very happy with the product.   we had a blast.

Click for more info
"...ah this is fun -c'mon you gotta admit it...! - Steve Dummy Drums / Lead Vocs

Completed 5-1-06
Completed 5-17-06
Click for more info
Bonehead Studios rocks!  Thanks for your hard work and professionalism.  
The recordings came out great! " Ed - Lead Guitar Meanstreak / Waffle

Punky, Snotty Rock from the twisted mind of Steve Ellison (Rick Rivets, Dummys) that invites huge local and almost famous talents from NYC to Ct and even out in LA. The project has recieved interest from Walter Lure (Heartbreakers, Waldo's), Tommy Frenzy (Hard Drive, Tuff Darts), Bobby Steele (Misfits, Undead), Sonny Vincent (Testors), Sean McDonough (Survivors) , Rick Rivets (NY Dolls, Brats, Corpse Grinders), Gregg Won (Epitome, The Kids)...and on and on...tracks are coming together quickly.

Another planet, CT
Click for more info
Thanks a million for making the recording process easy/manageable. I like your place a lot, and hope Steve has me back.
 Yer Pal,  Sean McDonough (Survivors)

yes it was fun. see you soon - Tommy Frenzy (Hard drive / Tuff Darts)

I'm excited as shit to even be a part of this...all the stuff Ive heard come out of you so far-i find no faults. just keep doing that voo doo that you do so well.Your work is so-(for lack of a better term-)GREAT-
Gregg Won (Epitome, The Kids...and many more)

Thanks for everything ! This stuff is excellent. and Thanks For The "Wonderful" ZOUL Site (way more than I expected)
Steve ZOUL Ellison (Dummys, Rick Rivets, ZOUL)

Victory Smash
Bridgeport, CT
Click for more info
Progressive / Experimental / Rock 
Fresh band with great ideas and exceptional talent. Think everywhere in between Rush, Dream Theater, Incubus and System Of A Down.  Well rehearsed, great lyrics  - came in for 3 hours and belted out 4 very complex tunes.  Be sure to check them out live in all the local spots on their way to the top!
we all had a great time everyone considers you to be a cool, friendly guy ... - Todd - Drummer - Victory Smash
Gary Kakley
Long Meadow, Mass
Singer/Song Writer/Musician - Classic Rock
Gary is a  veteran to the western Mass club scene, rocking out classics and originals with his band 'Time Trippers' for the past 20 years.  This is an aggressive project including many guest musicians to flesh out the ideas in Garys head.  Garys willingness to work with people and keep an open mind is the key to delivering a diverse collection of classic American Rock n Roll!  His CD entitled 'Time Trippin' should be released soon.
Click for more info
I thank you for all of your input and help on all of the songs - you have great ideas and you've really helped pull them all together for me !
Gary Kakley

Released in Japan on Captain Trip Records October 2006
The Dummys 
Follow No Leader
RPM Challenge 2008
Recorded in 29 days!
10 brand new DUMMY classics recorded in 29 days for the RPM Challenge.  From catchy and quirky punk anthemns (Too Bad About Sorrow, Dangerous) to melodic instrumentals (Crystal Ruby, Looking at the Stars) to flat out attitude rock (Breakdown baby). This collection has it all! 
Completed 3-1-08
...hey Tom, Thanks for making the Dummys sound good ...again!
The Dummys

Click for more info
The Triptones
Make Room For The Triptones
RPM Challenge 2008
Recorded in 29 days!
Gary Kakley (The Timetrippers), Chris Maiorano and Tom Boudreau (Punch) team up to write and record 10 classic rock tunes for the RPM Challenge. Focusing on music from their roots, Stones, Beatles, Zep, Bruce, Seger, Hendrix, and Neil Young all come through on these 'soon to be classics'. This CD was completed in 29 days.
Click for more info
Completed 3-1-08
July 2011
"...we're all going to hell for recording this music."
Keith Grave - Found Dead In Trunk / Dagger Records
Feb 2012
Hey Tom! Wow the recording came out great! it sounds awesome, thanks so much!

April 2012
Yeah, we're loving this mix, no complaints! It's great!
Joe Lewis - One way Street
Evan Roberts - Doofus
Feb 2011
I got the CD and it sounds great. we love it!
Kevin MacKenzie - The Hulls
Hey Tom,   I love the current song mixes!
Paul Sperry - Stray Dogs Band
Got the Stray Dogs CD's . I like them. Good mix.
Steve Lattimer - Stray Dogs Band
The Rezistors (Milford, CT.)
Last Survivors (Stamford, CT)
Mitch Kramer (New Haven, CT)
The Vains (CT Shoreline and New Brunswick, CA)
Sonorous Rising (New London, CT)
The Simulators (New Haven, CT)
Freddy Anthony (New Haven, CT)
Loaf (Newtown, CT)
Dick Neal (New Haven, CT)
The Bargain (New Haven, CT)
A Pallet For The Shoal (New Haven, CT)
Cardboard Dream House (Milford, CT)
The Birdmen (New Haven, CT)
Anne Marie Menta (Hamden, CT)
Jes Farnsworth (New London, CT)
Streamline (New Haven, CT)
Bernie Goetz Off! (New Haven, CT)
Twin Laughter (New London, CT)
Gimmicks Go Rotten (New London, CT)
Live Nude Girls (New London, CT)
The Redactions (New Haven, CT)
Getaway Day (Bridgeport, CT)
The Olympics (New Haven, CT)
Mandala (CT/NY)
Mickey Blurr (Danbury, CT)
Paul LaCroix Jr. (Spencer, MA)
The Dishrags (Washington, DC)
Pinto Graham (New Haven, CT)
Metamorsia (Eastern, CT)
Dr. Martino (Willimantic, CT)
Captains Of Industry (Waterbury, CT)
Savage World (New Haven, CT)
This Criminal Soul (New Haven, CT)
Reality Bomb (New Haven. CT)
things in the dark (New Haven, CT)
Patrick & Kate (Torrington, CT)
The Terry Rand Band (Moodis, CT)
Flapjack Attack (Shoreline, CT)
Pale Space (Southington, CT)
The Lost Weekend (New Haven, CT)
The Magnetic (Danbury, CT)
Easy Killer (Clinton, CT)
The Lionfish (Fairfield, CT)
Hi-Fi Radio (Stratford, CT)
Marvelous Liars (New London, CT)
The Merks (East Hampton, CT)
Bobby’s Friends (Woodbridge, CT)
The Live Ones (Brooklyn, NY)
The Shandy Gaff All-Stars (Milford, CT)
M.A.T.B. (Marko and the Bruisers) - Worcester, Ma
Michael McColgan (New Fairfield, CT)
Seventeens (Danbury, CT)
The Bad Slugs (Bridgeport, CT)
The Haunting Titans (Milford, CT)
Pull It Together (Wethersfield, CT.)
Daniprobably (New Haven, CT)
Lys Guillorn And Her Band (Shelton, CT)
Fighting Cocks (Watertown, CT.)
Phony Danza (Cheshire, CT.)
Mother Tongue (Newtown, CT)
The Ratz (New Haven, CT)
Global Nuisance (New Haven, CT.)
Sketchy @ Best (Shelton, CT)
Slip and Fall (New Haven, CT)
Jet Screamers (Naugatuck, CT)
The Cone Toes (Danbury, CT)
Just A Pipe Dream (Meriden, CT)
Goat Herder (New Haven, CT)
Subsonic Stimulus Package (New Haven, CT)
Roger C. Reale (Branford, CT.)
Band O' Brothers (Cheshire, CT.)
Maxxine - (Hamden, CT.)
Boggeater - (Danbury, CT.)
Drug Shock - (New Haven, CT.)
The Suits - (New Fairfield, CT)
SuperBad - (Waterbury, Ct.)
Quiet Giant - (Bethel, CT)
Recliner Pilots (Wallingford, CT.)
Imposter (Cheshire, CT)
Bust It! (Middletown, CT.)
Murdervan (New Haven, Ct.)
Spectral Fangs (Danbury, CT.)
Horns Of Ormus (New London, Ct.)
Straight To VHS (New London, CT.)
Fatal Film (New London, CT.)
These Furious Days (New Britain, CT.)
Sperm Donor (New Haven, CT.)
The Vultures (New Haven, CT.)
The Coquettes (Hartford, CT.)
The Dialtones (New Haven, CT.)
Malcolm Tent, (Danbury, CT.)
Joe Vicas (Milford, CT.)
Grey Negative (Cheshire, CT.)
Ready Steady Torpedo (Boston, Ma.) 
(Live recording at The Space, Hamden)
PS XO (Brooklyn, NY) (Live recording at The Space, Hamden)
Diztrik Allstarz (Danbury, CT.)
Cliff and Ivy (Anchorage, Alaska!) 
Coombs (Cheshire, CT.)
Sadplant (Old Saybrook, CT.)
Lamb Bombs (Deep River, CT.)
The Lost Riots (New Haven, CT.)
WristLikeThis! (New London, CT.)
Empty Vessels (New London, CT.)
The Defcon Five (New Haven, CT.)
The Midnightmares (Stamford, CT.)
PickPocket (Meriden, CT.)
The Hulls (New Haven, CT.)
The Gene Gnomes (New Haven, CT.)
Dan Soto & The Duded Kings (Norwalk, CT.)
Jacques LeCoque (Norwalk, CT.)
Bob Catalde (Orange, CT.)
Sweet Tarts / Whiplash (Naugatuck, CT.)
Atomic Buddah / Dagger Records (New Britain, CT.)
Drug Shock (New Haven, CT.)
Day 13 (Dover, NH / Stratford, CT)
Corpse Grinders / Whiplash Records (Naugatuck, CT.)
Dangered Ace (Long Beach, LI, NY)
Punch (CT. / Mass.)
Rhapsody 'n Blue (Norwalk, CT.)
Submission (Wallingford, Ct.) 
Loud Youth (Danbury Ct.)
Doofus (New Milford, CT.)
The Hulls (New Haven Ct.)
Sonic Supercharger 66 (Bridgeport, Ct.)
Found Dead In Trunk (New Britain, Ct.)
One Way Street (New Fairfield, Ct.)
Stray Dogs Band (Waterbury, Ct.)
Orphans (New Haven, Ct.)
Metatherous (East Haven, CT.)
Zoul (Milford, Ct.)
Tune Squad (Shelton, Ct.)
Gunslinger Squirrel (Shelton, Ct.)
Time Tripper (Springfield, Ma.)
The Dummys (Bridgeport, Ct.)
Rick Rivets Band (Queens, NY)
Kapow (New Milford, Ct.)
No Image (New Haven, CT)
Kase Klozed (Shelton, CT)
Meanstreak (Bridgeport, CT)
Victory Smash (Bridgeport, CT)
Red Julius (Beacon Falls, CT)
Brass City Trio (Waterbury, CT)
Triptones (Ct & Ma)
Smorgasbord Records
Incas Records

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Jan 2014 

...I think you did a masterful job recording and mixing. I think you are recording at a level where these bands are getting a sound as good as any professional full time studio would give them...
Joe Snow - Incas Records
Dec 2013
I got the mixes today. You nailed in one session (OK, maybe two) what I could not do in a year (maybe two). Thank you so much!

Malcolm Tent - Singer, Song-writer, Musician and Guru
Nov 2013

Tom, what a great recording experience. You can make some great sounds man!! 
Joe Russo - Singer, song-writer, guitar - Spectral Fangs
Nov 2013
       I like these recordings...(need to) hear more soon...!

Christian Moore - Horns Of Ormus
Aug 2013
this was by far the best recording we ever did
Cliff & Ivy - Anchorage AK
August 2014
The tracks sound fantastic!!
(on-site field recording - out door show at the Funky Monkey in Cheshire)
Tom Landro - Coombs
May 2015
I love it. I am so proud of everything we have made with ya.                                                         Danielle Capalbo-Quiet Giant

May 2015
...the one consistent response we get is comments on how good the sound/production is on the disc.  That's a testament to your efforts, knowledge and assistance.           Anthony Depaolo -Recliner Pilots
June 2015
by the way, i just listened to the disc, full up, on my home system...sounds f**king great...    Roger C. Reale
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